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As a fitness professional I use Pilates as a vehicle to advocate for health and wellness. I work with people of all kinds at may locations all over NYC.  I work with people from all walks of life, from athletes to individuals who are tight, dealing with injuries or painful conditions, or people who are looking simply looking to improve their body and/or quality of life.  Through Pilates I learn how to efficiently address the way that each of my clients move. I formulate a plan to achieve their goals physically, mentally and emotionally for long lasting results.

My aim is to make Pilates an integral part of a healthy lifestyle that will continue to inspire and support overall health and wellbeing. Through Pilates all my clients can find the most dynamic and functional everyday athlete within themselves.

My love for fitness is in my blood. My mother, aunt and grandmother were all professional figure skaters, coaches and judges. Physical Fitness and Sports have been a major influence on my life as I grew up being involved in figure skating, dance as well as softball and golf.  In college I pursued my passion for dance at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Which is where I was introduced to the Pilates method.

I completed my Pilates training at Romana's Pilates and began teaching in 2009.  I have continued my studies under the tutelage of Kathi Ross-Nash of American Body Tech and am set to matriculate in the studio’s Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training in 2018.  I have also completed training in Equinox's Pilates Training Institute and was once a Teacher Trainer for their program. I have also completed ELDOA Level 1 Training and I am set to complete ELDOA LEVEL 2 Training in April 2018.